Web Applications

Web based applications can open up a world of possibilities for your business using the Internet. Web applications often enhance customer service, reduce internal technical and administrative costs, and even create new revenue sources.

SCS develops extranets that reflect the mode of operation of the client to extend productivity anywhere. Often back-office business processes such as customer communication or inventory management can be moved online. Customers benefit with the ease of online orders or account management while office staff can work remotely at a virtual office by accessing the company website. Internal business software or databases can be brought up to date and into real-time operation through the creation of secure, online "external networks."

Centralized communication between all parties in your business relationships is possible through a customized website. Customers, vendors, distributors, and suppliers all can have ways to quickly and securely communicate with your business through an online business portal. Wholesaling to authorized partners, distributor direction and feedback, or vender managed inventory become easier through the data sharing enabled by online communication.

Web applications allow for so many unique possibilities that it is impossible for us to list even a fraction of them here. Please contact us to discuss a tailored solution for your business.